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hi everyone i having some difficulty to tell this girl how i feel about her..... at first everything between me and her are going ok and i thought it would never work out judging the slow pace we are at......but during these weeks shes been acting a little different more smiles and stuff...and her friend kept talking about me when she sees us together....just last friday she says something about (me) lover to the girl i like ...the thing is i hardly know her friend but somehow she knows me... so then the girl i like chased her away but i knew she was talking bout me...could it be that she likes me and told her friend about me....or its just her friend that knows i like her and just helping me out? i dunno i been doing some weird things like escorting her afterschool everyday and trying to talk to her online afterschool....i dunno if that seems annoying but i really try to find all the chances to talk to her cuz shes in a different grade then me...


To sum it up i guess what i am trying to say is what should i do now once her friend is in the picture and somehow helping me out......and is escorting and talking to her everyday an annoyance? (though she doesn't say shes annoyed... i think i am -_-)


need ur opinions thx



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Well my advice would be if she has not shown any sighs of her getting annoyed with you with all the looks, or has not told you to get lost now then your in. tell the gal right up how you feel about her. I think her mate is just teasing you guys cos she knows you both like each other but are chicken to say it. So go for it spit it out.


Good luck.

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Thx dream for the advice....though i don't think i am ready yet...is there some sort of way i can approach her friend so i can know more about if she likes me or not?


And what do u all think about the girl i like's reaction when she chased her friend away is it


1.) She likes me but she doesn't want to show her feelings out yet

2.) She doesn't want me to misunderstand based on what her friend is saying to tell me in other words she just thinks i am a friend only


i've been trying to figure out this and some hints are:


- her friend knows my name though i hardly talk to her

- the girl i like makes a big deal about it and runs after her friend when shes trying to say something about us

- she even said it in front of another guy who appears to be the girl i like's friend (probably likes her too)


anywaz if u guys have any opinions on what u think plz post and give me some advice cuz i really like this girl


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