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I'm going to ask this question for everyone who may wonder of this in the future. The common synopsois: While we cannot change the free will of a person, how do we get the girl through impressing her? We are friends with the girl, but can't quite get them to "like" us and go out with us. Maybe, SwingFox or other members with a lot of experiences, how can we get a girl to be impressed by us without forcing good will into them. (Think Bruce Almighty). I know many of us on this board have this question and I just wanted to know if there are any tips for a "movie-like ending". Thank You.

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First off the goal isn't to win the girl. The goal is to convince the girl that she must win you! Believe you are the great catch and others will too. Second, impressing her will not work, but having confidence sure will.... Third, this should forever be the last question on your mind; don't worry about it for now on, just focus on self-improvement .....

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