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Is she interested?

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Alright ladies and gentlemen. This might be a tad bit long but it's bugging me to no extent. It's kind of confusing as well but don't let that scare you from reading it! I need your help!


It all begins a quite a few months back when me and some friends went out to eat. My friend Lisa introduced me to her friend Marie. We hit it off pretty well that night. We made eye contact several times and smiled. I was making her laugh quite often too. After we ate, we all went to the park and just hung out. Her and I actually got into a kind of deep conversation regarding many different things.


Alright, now fast forward about a month or two ahead. I see Lisa at a party and she tells me her friend Marie thought I was really nice and wanted to get my number. I give it to her to give to Marie and about a week after that, Marie calls. I never got the message however until a few days after and she never called back. Ok, now about a month later I see Marie at another party. We talk a bit but it wasn't anything special. As she is leaving I tell her bye and to call me... yet she never does.


BUT maybe two weeks after that Lisa calls me and tells me that Marie wanted to know if it would be alright if she called me. I told her of course. So last Friday Marie calls me. We hit it off really good... so good in fact that I ask her out for that night. Mainly because she was giving hints that she wanted to do something. We go out and shoot pool. On Saturday I had a going away party for my friend Isaac. She came over and we're playing cards together... just her and I. We're constantly making eye contact, smiling with one another, laughing and kind of touching hands as we hand the cards to one another. I called her on Sunday and we talked for a bit. I called her again Tuesday and left a message. She called me back Wednesday and we had an extremely wonderful conversation. I told her to call me tomorrow (Thursday) but she said "No, you call me". Sooo I call her and leave a message. She doesn't call back. I called her Friday and left another message saying that if she wants to do something that night just call me back. Lo and behold I never get a call.


What does this sound like to you guys? She's always mentioning things she wants to do and saying that WE should go try them. That's an obvious sign right there is it not? Am I just sweating this too much? She's always cheerful sounding when we talk over the phone, like she's glad to be talking to me and not like I'm wasting her time or anything of that sort. She doesn't strike me as the kind of person to be rude and not return the call of someone she's possibly interested in. Heck, she doesn't drink, or cuss and she's pretty religious.


Anyone's advice on this problem will be extremely welcome! My buddy who I usually go to for advice on these sorts of issues joined the Air Force last Monday. I apologize for it being so long but I figured the best assumptions on what is going on would be more accurate if the entire story was told.

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First of all, relax......lol You guys are just getting to know each other, and there could be several reasons why she doesn't call you. I'm assuming you've talked to her about what she does for work: does she work odd hours? Have kids? Sick family member? Going to school? Second job? (I think you're getting my point....)


Also, she could just be shy.....sounds funny, considering she sounds like a generally outgoing person, but it could also be that she doesn't want to seem like she's chasing after you. (Strange, but true.....) Girls have WICKED insecurities when it comes to dating, and you'd be amazed at what you found if you could crawl into her head for an hour. (Horrified, too, most likely....lol )


Relax. If it's bugging you that much, then go out with her a couple of more times, to where she's relaxed around you, then ask her casually if everything's alright in her life, if she wants to keep on pursuing this, etc. Yeah, yeah, easier said than done, I know.....lol (I'm just blunt and don't feel like wasting time on something I feel may not work out, so I'm a little more forward than most on things like this....) If you can't do that, then it's your choice on what to do....if you like her, then stick with it and just go slowly like she seems to want to do. Have you asked her about any past relationships that may have hurt her to the point where she's very cautious now? That could be another factor.


That's about the best I can do on this one....but, from the sound of it, things are going well in general, so stick with her!



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Shoot, you guys made me feel better already. lol

I do intend to stick with her... or at least try to. I'm the type of guy where, if I dig a chick a lot I'm interested in her only. Of course it's a great thing but a terribly bad thing at the same time. I suppose the reasons why are pretty obvious.


One thing that does have me wondering though is when we last spoke on the phone she asked if I talk to Lisa a lot. I said "No, only occasionally" and then she replied by saying something like "Well if you ever get tired of talking to me you can talk to her." Those weren't her exact words but they were similar. What the heck does that mean guys? My response was "I don't know how that could happen but... ... ok."


I haven't told her that it bothers me that she doesn't call me back. I'm just afraid it will sound like I'm obsessive or something like that. I guess I'm always afraid of making my attraction way too obvious. With her though it's been kind of mixed. I've kind of let her know by flirting with her and such but at times I'm afraid to make it too obvious; fear of rejection I guess?

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