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hey guys,

its been about a year since i started speaking to my internet "partner". Everything seems to be going great and he really admires many things about me and has told me that he loves me a lot. At first i wasnt sure whether to believe him or not but i am starting to trust him a lot more and im convinced that he really loves me. My problem is that i love him but im afraid of my feelings and even more afraid to tell him. Im not really sure as to what im afraid of but ive told him on many occasions that i can only tell him i love him once ive seen him in person. It sounds crazy i know to be making a big deal out of something like this, but I find the term "love" almost sacred and i dont think it should be taken lightly. Id just like some feedback as to whether or not i should tell him....and whats the real reason that i dont want him to know that i love him?

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you have every right not to say that you "love" him yet...i mean it is a term that is thrown around and we hear it every day.......


My advice is that you should only say it to him if you really mean it........not because you feel obliged to.......


Some people may not think it is a big deal but if you really do love him, then go for it - tell him!


All the best!

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