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okay ....i found out tonight that my ex and his new gf are married so its not exactly gf but still and i also found out the reason she is ...yeah you get it... okay well the guy i have liked for a while asked me out and then after he did is when i found out and it 's like it bugs me but it doesn't at the same time. he and i went out longer and stuff but they are already married what the heck.. but my new bf is tottally sweet and perfect i don't want my ex back(even if i had the chance) but im wondering is it right to feel this way that it bugs me (what i found out). he was my frist relationship so im new at this. any thing you think might help me would be great i appriciate your advice or opinion


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Yes it is normal to feel how you do. But dont let it get you down try to forget about him. If you would like you could tell his wife if you feel meen or you think that she should know. But be careful if you do tell just remember that you will kill there merage. Will I wish you the best of luck with your new b/f.

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