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Her parents say no

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Sup all. I posted a topic a few weeks ago, I think it was called "Can't read her body language". Well I talked to her, we got everything out in the open, but she told me it's complicated. Her dad said that if she ever dated a black guy (me) he would disown her. She doesn't think she meant it, but that's got me worried, because I don't have much time before I go to Marine Corps Recruit Training. And I really want to be with her. I was wondering..if I should talk to her father myself, or if we should keep the relationship on the downlow. Meaning don't tell her parents..but that would mean she would have to lie to them, and I don't want her to do that. Any advice??

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is it worth it i mean you are going to be leaving for ur school;


long distance relationships are real tough mate if not impossible;


plus what if u guys got married tomorrow then what ;


i think you sould really think this one through and ask her to how she feels about you and how strongly

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it could help if you talk to her father. maybe he had a bad experience with a black man, which makes him think that black men are bad (im not saying that i do...) because obviously he has a strongly against balck men for some reason, if he would disown his daughter, who he should love no matter what. if you talk to him & let him know that you have good intentions, maybe his little "stereotype" of black men will be different. you should also think about this. is it worth it to start something with this girl since you are going away soon? long distance relationships can work, but its hard being away from someone who you care about & a lot of times, it creates issues with trust & growing apart.

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