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will she forgive me?

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hi.need advice.


da other nite,i met up wit some friends of mine to go bowling.there was me friend there called Em who i fancied.

anyway...she knew i fancied her bt i didnt make a move(still geting over me last relationship)so she asked some other guy's number.

i was upset and was in a rage.due to this rage,i assumed she asked some guy who had taken his shirt off,bt indeed it was some other guy who had not.


wel....we had cleared things up bt a friendof hers told her tht i was angry wit her still.she wanted an explaination and i told her wat i thought at the time.(ie friday)except,i forgot to mention tht it was wat i thought on FRIDAY not rite now.she assumed this was wat i thought.

nxt day...wen i talked 2 her again.she was in a mood wit me.she wanted me 2 explain y i was being so nasty about her personality.we kinda argued for da convo...then i called her straight after 2 explain meself properly.i think she accepted bt im nt sure.


see...if i call,she wil think im stalkin her and followin al da time.bt i jus cant leave it cos she one of me best m8s and i wana no if she is stil angry wit me.wat do i do?

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