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I love and want to be with him so what am I so scared of?

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Okay here it goes,

I'm with this guy right now and just everything about him is perfect. He's sweet and understanding and he's the only guy I've every felt this strongly about. We talk on the phone everynight for like hours and hours well we used to. Here latley I've just felt really weird like I'll be sad (which is unusal because Im a very happy person) and so we have'nt have talked as much. He always tells me how pretty I am and for some reason it scares me because I don't want to loose him and I think he thinks way to highly of me and I don't know what to do. He thinks Im ignoring him but that's not it. I have to be alone to think about things and I have to have time to figure things out on my own without other people helping or telling me things, Im just like that and I always have been. I really love him and I want to be with him so much. I want to marry him and be with him for the rest of my life, so what am I so scared of?

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Hi jhschick,


I think you are afraid of loosing him !


You shouldn't be though by the sounds of things. Don't let him suspect that either - it's not good for the relationship, and he will percieve that as "you don't value his committment fully".


Learn that once you keep your side of the bargain in the relationship, and you are being complimented like you are, that you have everything to remain happy for and should do so.


Of course, if you are not afraid of loosing him, I'm not sure why you are feeling like this.


Hope this helps you some,

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Hey jhschick,


I think your scared of losing him also,but why to such an extreme? has he broken your trust before?I understand why you need to be alone(i once had a girl that acted the same way)But i'll tell ya right now if he thinks your ignoring him and you havn't talked in awhile he's most likely gonna think you don't like him anymore and is working on closure and moving on.

I don't know what your next move is, but somthing needs to be done,call email or meet with him and tell him what your heart is telling you.If he starts to ingone you don't let him make him listen to you!!


Good luck and it would be a shame for you to lose someone that you obiviously love so much.

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im gona give it to u from his perspective, because my situation was the exact same way, and i dont think u want it to end the same way... it sounds very simalar to the way i treated this girl, i thought she was perfect and was amazing, i would tlak to her on the phone every night for hours, she said the same things you did to me, she was confused and afraid of loosing me. but she waited to long, and another guy got involved and it hurt to much for me to be in this so i said good bye. PLEASE take my advice and be with him, i wish someone could have told my girl that, now shes gone and im empty, just do yourself and him a favour and be with him, because if ur afraid of breaking up and loosing him, arnt u afraid of him moving on and loosing him too? nothing is for sure, but if u never try anything u will never know what its like, just live life and learn the best u can along the way. good luck, and i hope that u and him will be happy, just dont let someone that loves you that much slip away.

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As a guy who's in almost the exact same situation as your man right now I think he would understand that you need time to yourself. So he thinks highly of you? Why wouldn't he? He's going to think the world of you as you're the girl he wants to be with. Nothing wrong with that. If you are scared to lose him then tell him what he means to you and show him too, don't run away or else he's going to think that you don't want him anymore and then he's going to be left more confused than you. The best advice I could give is to be open, honest and communicate. Never be afraid to lose something, you will be scared to make new memories and won't enjoy your time together, cherish it while it's still here. Remember that as sad as you might get he'll be there for you to try and put a smile on your face

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