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osu/michigan bet....gets interesting

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ok, so osu and michigan have probably, one of, if not, the greatest rivalry in all of sports. now, im a osu fan. not a burn down a house osu fan, just a osu fan. now this girl(girlfriend?) that i like and likes me, well she likes michigan. and we were talkin, and i was thinkin about how we should bet on the osu/michigan game later this year. im not talkin money, what i was thinkin about, is we bet head. loser givesit, anyone got any thoughts on that bet? too big? too something? thoughts and ideas





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well, its something that you would have to talk to her about first obviously. some people might not feel comfortable doing that, or recieving it, so find out her feelings on it. also, some people think that its something that should be done when you are in a relationship with someone, so you just have to find out what she feels on the whole thing.

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