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The difference between love and lust

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Tell me if you people think this is a pretty accurate statement. The difference between love and lust. If you love someone you wouldn't care if they put on weight, lost a limb in a car crash, got horriblely burnt etc etc...


But if you see someone who you're instantly smitten by but then if they were to put on 20lbs then you wouldn't feel that way towards them... so that's just lust right?

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Ok this is what I feel is the difference between love lust.




Your right. Love is something like it does not bother you if they put on weight, or if they get a spot, you love then cos it hurts in your heart when you're not with them, when you're eating and then they come to mind you can't eat any more.




To me this is only attraction, for example there looks. Someone you would like to kiss or bed. Just get your hands on.

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Love to me is like a songbird singing it's song of peace and harmony. Where you care deeply for that person and you're not willing to let go of them under any circumstances.


However when it comes to lust it is merely an attraction and they are a toy to you. They mean nothing and you can throw them in the trash without thinking about what you've thrown away.

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