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update:i realy like her.dunno wat to do

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umm....ive had a talk wit da girl i fancy and she has made it clear tht she didnt fancy me bt she wants to be friends.thts cool wit me.


however,da guy she got da number off is such a low life.he had taken his shirt off(da reason she fancied him in da first place)and i think tht is so shallow.i no tht im so much better than him.da fact tht she is txtin him makes me feel so low.i fancy her for her looks and personality bt cos i dnt quite have da looks,im overlooked as a person.


this is so annoyin cos i no she can do much beter than him.y would she choose him over me?i dnt get it.

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Ok you're saying she can do much better then him, but what about you, you have picked a gal who has gone for a guys out sides. But im sure she has not given her self a chance to look into you a bit more,


She will only end up hearting her self, and in your case there is some much you can do. Like MOVE on its easy said then done I now, but you need to find someone who can give a look to you more then just from the out side.

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ok i understand tht nw.


however,as im stil friends wit her,how do i get her 2 see ppl for who they are..appreciate ppl for wat they have inside.

i really care for her and i wana teach her this.(i do care alot!)


any suggestions?


thx enotalone very much.

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