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what is she thinking?

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Ok..well this evening one of my friends which happens to be a girl was calling my phone and I had not picked up because I was with my girlfriend and I did not want to deal with anything else but be with her.. I look back on the phone and she called four times. My girlfriend starts questioning me and everthing about this girl. She is a friend and nothing more. I tell her that but she seems not to believe me.. This girl is attractive and has it going, but there is no way in hell this girl would take the place of my girlfriend. Im so in love with her..I just feel as if she does not trust me..Ive had a past but completely changed that when i met her..I just want to know what goes through her head when she does not talk to me and all..it kills me..feeling that she does not believe me..

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something that you have to learn when you are with someone is not to try to read their mind. most of the time, what you think the other person is thinking isn't even what they are thinking & if you ask them about it, they could get mad for assuming they think something. so, unless she says something, don't try to read her mind & assume she doesn't believe you. if she tells you that she doesn't believe you, then maybe you could plan for you & your gf & this other girl to hang out together, so she knows that you are only friends. maybe your gf & this other girl could become friends too. all that you really can do right now is keep telling her the truth.

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