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I think I'm falling in love


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Hi everyone,



I like this guy I'm not sure if he likes me but he talk to me online alot and we agree on alot of stuff we don't see eachother that much but when we do.We both make Direct eye contact my mom invited him over and he said he come but he might just say that just being nice u know but he would always have a smile on his face I think he likes me not sure though.

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it does sound like a possibilty. it might take a little more time though to really figure it out. i don't think he came over just to be nice though. i think it sounds like he probably does like you because i think if he really didn't want to come over, then he would have made up some excuse. the whole eye contact thing also makes it seem like he likes you. does he ever flirt with you when you are with him?

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hey i wrote this a few days ago its a list of ways to help you decide if you are in love, really hope it helps ,



1- does every song you hear remind you in some way of that person ?


2- would you do just about anything to make them lauph ?


3- with out even thinking about it would you die so that person lives ?


4- does the thought of romantically liking someone else sickin you or no where near intrest you ?


5- (only if you have loved before) if you have been in love before , does this person absolutly blow the old love away ?


6- are they the last thing on your mind before you go to sleep and the first thing when you wake up ?


7- did you tell yourself that you loved them , or did it surprise you ? (if it surprised you give yourself a check )


8- do they make you feel like you can become a better person ?


9- is there name is the best name you ever heard ?


10- does comitment with that person scare you ?


11- it doesnt matter to me what movie we see as long as she is with me to see it


12- if all the above are yes and 7 was a surprise , 10 were a no and 11 true, you are most likly in love , congratulations , dont let them get away love is so hard to find and even harder to get over...

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