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the pain is too much. i just want him back

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i posted a msg about me breaking up with my boyfriend..and i was doing alright (for a person that has a broken heart)...avoiding he's calls...staying busy etc....until he emailed me.


it was like there was no avoiding it. i know i could have just deleted it but something came over me and i could stop thinking "he wrote this, this is he's msg to me", so i read it


...i really should have deleted it.


it was everything that i didn't need to here right now. its was like he's words reflected my feelings. he's pain of wanted to get back was as stronge as mine but then i remember what we are like when we are together and know that i need to be stronger than this.


it is like i am a drug addict (him being the drug) and i am being forced to go cold turkey but all i want is another hit.



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Think about it. If you both feel the same way maybe it is worth trying to save. But approach with caution and put the emphasis on communication of the problems and the differences. Start off by anwsering the email with your own thoughts and asking for your partner's thought on anything that is bothering either of you.


If you get back together, try to keep it initially to a discussion of the issues you have and reestablish the personal bonds. Physical intimacy can wait a little while. You need to continue to remind each other of the things that bother each of you and try to make allowances for each other. Try to do this in a positive or structured way. Maybe sit down once a week at the start and talk about how things are going.


Any successful relationship requires good communication and a willingness to resolve conflicts. People can change when they want to. Take responsibility for your own part in this too.

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Yes go talk to him and explan how you feel but dont rush back in remember why you guys had a break up. But if you feel that you dont what to deal with him tell him you dont what to talk to him that is the best thing for you to do. I wish you the best of luck on what ever you deside to do.

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