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Help, but time is limited.

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Alright guys, I have limited time so any replies would be most helpful... I know this girl that wants to get involved with me, the only problem is that she's 27 and I'm 19... Now I want her, but only in a sexual way. The thing that's wrong is that I think she wants something from me that's more than I can give her.(An adult relationship, which I am not ready for.) I have no clue what to do because I was just making out with her, and I KNOW I should be truthful and come out and say I don't want anything else but how, and would it hurt her? She said no matter what happens she wants to remain friends, but also she said while we were messing around "I want you to make love to me". This is a good friend of mine, but sad fact stands I don't love her. She is moving at a fast pace for me.


If anyone needs anymore details please just ask!


Guys again I have until about 9:30 am... I wont be sleeping. I need some replies because I think my mind is only in one spot. Time is right now 5:40 am.



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Telling her would be the best thing, because if she keeps pushing you to be sexual with her, and you end up being sexual, and not telling her, she is going to start thinking you want more from her than that. She will want love, and if you don't love her, then tell her now, so then she won't hate you after you've had sex with her and then told her nothing can come of the relationship.


I hope that gives some insight

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