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Should I try again?

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This ain't no depressing post, thanks to the "Bible" I found from this site, I have become stronger, but I'm just a little bit confused, I'm just unsure (not afraid, but unsure) that if I go through with this I might be making one of the worst decisions in my life.


Anyways, I have a crush that actually found out about me, and she msged me saying that "I dun like you, I like you as a friend", I know why she did that, because 1) I was rushing this, 2) everyone knew 3) When around her, I'm showing her that I like her 4) I don't talk to her much.


A friend of her's told me about her personality and stuff, and I just realised that I could have been her type of guy if I showed it around her.


Now that her group of friends "think" that I don't like her anymore, I believe that it is safe to "try again", but I don't know if I should really do it, if I do I'll do it differently, I have this Plan thing which goes somethings like "Make friends with her, earn her trust, make her see my true self, and see what she thinks of me in the end." Which is basically trying to make her like me without saying anything or acting like I like her.


So should I should I not go through with it again? Or do you think I'll make it worst? And should I take this approach of "Be very good friends with her to make her see the REAL type of person I am?" And yes I'm still studying "The Bible".

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Sure, I don't see why not. There's a quote, "Rejection is better that regret.", and in this case, it fits you completely. Your plan sounds pretty good to me. The key part is the "real you" bit. Make sure you aren't somebody else around her, because she will think you're a fake and then she will really not like you. Good luck!

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vlcm999's quote was absolutely right, as far as I'm concerned. I couldn't have answered better myself. How was it you were acting before that she liked you only as a friend, and what would you now change? Was it just because you didn't get a chance to talk to her very much?


I would say by all means, if you can work on a friendship with her, do so. But BE YOURSELF. No lines, no false flattery, no "acting" any certain way. And above all, don't pay so much attention to what her friends have to say. It's not THEIR possible relationship! If you want this and can handle the possible rejection you might get at the end of it (the "I just want to be friends" thing), then by all means, see what you can do. All I would say is to be prepared that, after a time, her feelings might very well not have changed any more than they did the first time, and she might be happy with you in the "friend" category......a hard thing to take, but at least you'll have a good friend out of it! And who knows? She might just take the bait and decide she can't live without you after all! But you won't know till you talk to her, that's all. Good luck, I sincerely hope it works out for you!



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