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help with my dream girl... time is almost up...

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Hi guys, I have liked this same girl for throughout 4 years of my high school and I am currently a senior. I am extremely shy and she is one of those popular girls. It may be too late and I want to ask her out or get to know her better and maybe be her friend but I can't seeem to approach her because she is always with her friends or another guy and then I feel reluctant to talk. I don't have any classes with her but sometimes see her near the lockers. Do you guys have any approach, should I make contact with her first and befriend her... or go up and ask her out (if i do i dont know when to catch her alone)... feedback will be greatly appreciated. I want to know her before high school is over... Thank you guys!

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ok im not a guy, but i may have some advice.

girls really like to get to know a guy before any action is taken. that is because if you guys dont know each other, then what are her chances of saying no compared to if you guys were friends? think about it.

catch her at lunch or when she is at her locker. just casually talk to her. dont throw yourself on her or anything. start to talk to her more and more often. you guys can start a friendship and maybe later a relationship. i hope this helped you. sorry if it didnt.


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