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I'm Back and Really Confused Now

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My boyfriend and I finally broke up. He says that he loves me and does not want to lose me and he is confused. So for a month or so now, I have been waiting for him to figure things out. I did not date because I really wanted to be with this guy. He says he has no interest in dating other women, but I recently found out that when he goes out with his friends he get various girls numbers. I also found out that he has been talking regularly with them. I even went to a party where he was hanging out with a girl that he knew was clearly wanting him. He said he was not interested. Maybe he does not want to put forth the effort to date, but why is he starting these mini-relationships with these girls. Does that mean I should move on. I tried to tell him the other night that I knew about all of these girls (about five) and he was shocked. I told him it was over and he said he loved me and I replied that he could not possibly love me. He wants his cake and to eat it too. I deserve better than that. I told him it was over, and he kept saying "but I love you and don't want to lose you' . Sounds like he knows I am a good thing, but I am not "THE ONE" and he doesnt realize it yet. Is he just getting scared because we have dated a year and a half? Should I stay or go. When I left his house the other night and would not answer my phone, he came knocking on my door. When I act okay with our situation he treats me like crap, when I finally bail he freaks out and won't leave me alone. As hard as it is, I am over this. I want him out of my life, I think. What do I do, and if he ever does truly come back, how do I know it's for real??

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From what you have sead I would leave him. He needs to under stand that he cant have his cake and eat it too. Him saying he loves you I think that is his way to get you come back with him. Allthough if you do get rid of him and he keep buging you I would threten to call the police, but that probly wont have happen. You should not let him come back I know that it will be hard but it sounds like he is useing you so he has a g/f all of the time if some thing happens. I hope that this helps, and I know this might sound meen but some times you have to do things like this. My best wishes.

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You are quick. My instincts say dump him...it is really hard though. Why do men do this. Usually a guy breaks up and they are out of there. I am his first girlfriend in 5 years. I guess he is insecure. At least I am not having sex with him anymore..so he is definitely not getting that!!!

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Well sense he has not had a g/f until you for 5 years yea that would make him insecure. Lisen to your instincts if they say dump him then do it. Now why do we do this the is a good question, 1st we are insecure, 2nd is he might be clingy, 3rd it is just how we are for some reasion. The quick responce slow day at work cant what until I get off so I can get some sleep.

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