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Hey guys.. okay.. i went out with my boyfriend for 7 months... then i broke up with him and we were apart for about a month.. and now we are back together.

During the month that we were apart i didnt get with anyother guys... i missed him so much! i could never stop thinking about him... and i missed talking to him on the phone as well as seeing him in person. i missed like the nights where we would just be together and just be there and say nothing but be happy because we were both together....

about my boyfriend... during the month that we were apart... he got with another girl... but ended up calling her my name atleast 3 times... so obveously he still thinks about me.. well i know he loves me... i really think he does... he tells me everything... and he respects me...


do you all think i love him?

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Only you can tell if it's really love. And maybe then only after you have something to compare it to.


How much did you miss him? World coming to an end without him, profound sense of loss miss him, or miss him in a more friendly way. If it was really painful when you split, that would likely indicate your feelings were deeper. If it's more a sense of lonliness, then maybe you didn't love him deeply.


Do you feel you need to love him right now? If not, then don't worry about it. Whether you do or not maybe isn't relevant right now. If you enjoy being together, have fun, talk etc., then maybe don't question what's happening, just let it unfold however it does. You can't force love, and you can't make it go away either.

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When i wasnt with him i missed him soooo much... it was almost the world coming to the end.. but not quite... when i broke up with him i was in tears... i couldnt stop crying... even the next day i was in tears... during some of the month that we were broken up i cried myself to sleep because i missed him so much... i do feel like i need him right now (i have him back...) but he left on a trip and i feel miserable because i dont know what will happen where he is going (hes going to las vegas... to visit a friend of MINE that he began to talk to when we started going out.. hes never met her.. and shes a wild one... hes going up for her homecoming dance and stuff that revolves around homecoming... he said he wouldnt do anything... but my theory is if he gets too drunk... then hes gona end up doing something.... so i dont know)... but yeah anyways that was totally off track ((just me venting about him going))

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Then, based on your original question, mayb eyou do love him. Or are possibly infactuated with him. That may not be a big problem at this point, but just be aware of it.


You also raise the issue of trust, it sounds like there's a slight amount of mistrust. That's maybe only natural given the situation, especially since you've broken up once already. If you feel that way now, going to different schools (because of an age difference I realize) will likely to difficult on you.


Hopefully, he will be true to his word and will stay faithful. Hopefully there's no real reason to doubt that.

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Ash is right, there seemes to be a trust problem betwen you too, and he is right about it might be an infactuation with him and not love. The one way I can say is if you love him will you be able to let him go? Becouse if you really love him you would like to see him happy even if he is not with you. That is the question I have for you? I know it hurts but you must think about it. Well I hope that this helps.

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