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Why would a friend be such an ass to me? Why would they randomly spit insults at me that really hurt me? Why would they annoy me and act all smart-alecky and make me feel incredibly inferior and worthless? And why won't they take me seriously if I were to tell them how I feel? What the hell is wrong with them? What if I can't get away from them (for certain reasons)? What am I going to do? I really don't want to have to deal with this bullshit.


Sorry for ranting...

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hey caldus


sounds like your having friendship issues. well you havent really given much information in your post, so all i can gather is that your not being treated right (for whatever reason)


i dont know, are these close friends? you know, i have alot of friends which seem to sometimes go out of their way to make me look stupid. i dont say anything, i just let them go, thinking if i stay me and nice, i wont turn into them. friends are always easy to find. you cant go into anything new without finding some. but the term "friend" is used very loosely. it has turned from close campanion, or trustworthy person, to any average person you say "hi" to.


my point is, these people you hang around, "friends" are only people you talk to, by choice! if they do not treat you right, then leave. it doesnt mean you'll be alone, the world is FULL of people just like YOU! all you have to do is not waste time with people you dont like, but hang with because you already concluded they're your "friends".


although its not always the case, you can choose who your friends are! i may be a little hypocritical, because my friends treat me horribly and i just sit back, smile and take it all. but i figure, im leaving school REAL soon, and theres no point in worrying coz leaving them will be easy, one i get out.


if you want to save this friendship, then say "hey listen "friend" , i dont like the way your treating me, i dont deserve it, and i dont do it to you. i want to save our friendship, but if you dont start treating me like a friend, then i'll find some others who will!"


you dont have to deal with people who dont treat you right. i try and stand by the saying "treat others the way you would like to be treated". its funny coz i always treat others like this, and i always think if i had a friend like me, id have no worries. but life isnt that simple.


but there are some GREAT people out there, and you WILL find them, so start looking!



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I have no problem finding new friends...I'm trying to figure out how to tell them how I feel without them bashing me (and perhaps getting others to make me feel bad) afterwards.


You bring a good point that I didn't think about, which was that I never treated them like that. That's definitely something I need to say. Now to figure out how to get out of this wisely.

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well im glad to hear your ready to get out!


so you want to do it as smooth as possible. hm......


perhaps try and lighten the blow by waiting till the next time they make you feel stupid or do something mean. at this point you have too options which work to the same effect.


a) you could just walk off! simple as that. nice clean get away. if they call out to you just ignore them. they are to blame and they will realise you are upset at what they did!


b) the confrontation. say you dont like it. say you never did it to them. say it hurts you and you dont want to put up with it. just say you would much rather hang out with some other people for a change.


they shouldnt hurt you, for its their fault anyway! make sure they know that!





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Well if your friends are picking on you or teaseing you and stuff … here is what I would do confront them and pick on them and tease them ..don’t lie down and take the crap let them get a dose of it to .


This world is for aggressive fighters not for wimps … we cant run away from our problems we have to face them and conquer them .


The only way to get rid of your fear is to confront it , this way you will conquer it ..for eg they are like hey u suck at that …just say yeah I do but not half as bad as you do at blah blah


Once they realize that u are gonna be dishing it back , they will respect you and stop pickin on you ..


So go to war mate nobodys comin to rescue you ; tell them off


Good luck fighter

0X Shy guy

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