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Not an emergancy just looking for advice

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Well let me start this off by saying that this is a long distance friendship, Its kinda long story but here goes. I was a few months ago stationed down in virgina and we used to go out every weekend and try to meet some ladies, with some success not too much tho hehe. Anyway so this one night which just happened to be on my birthday, we ran into these girls and started talking to them for a while. Well it turns out they are from upstate new york and had to be home the next day, so we exchanged #'s, email addresses ect. Well one of the other marines with me started to call her alot and they ended up in a relationship. Well now its 8 months later and iv been restationd to washington dc, and they broke up. I didnt talk to her too often except for the last 2 months we talk minimum of 4 hours a day, send over 100 textmessages a day, and we never get bord. And iv fallen for her, iv gone up to NY to see her a few times, we've kissed ect but not much else. Iv told her how i feel and she didnt freak out or anything, but she has built up a wall after her last break up with the other marine. She seems like she really wants to start a realtionship but she keeps saying how she dosnt want to hurt me. She also says she misses me all the time and wants me to come up to see her. I go as often as i can, im basically looking for an opinion on how i can maybe help her break down that wall so we can start a relationship. Any advice would help! Thanks

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I don't know much, but I think you probably need to show her you're trustworthy and you have her best interest in mind. Let her feel like you're there for her. Ask her about her feelings, tell her yours. Be honest with her, tell her what you think about her and the relationship and your hopes for it. Make her feel cared about by listening and being available to her in that manner. Getting a girl to let down her barrier takes something more complex than little gifts and cards, though those show thoughtfulness. It sounds like she may be lonely, and thinks you are a nice guy, but is afraid to let you down. She may not know what she wants, so soon after having that other relationship. If you really have strong feelings, let her know that you like her enough to help her through her confusion, whether that means to keep a friendly spin on things, or more distance, or even making the bond more intense. Just do what you both decide is best. The only way you can determine this is to have frank and open conversations. Hope you've found the love of your life!



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