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Avoiding confrontation

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Really simple generic question for all to answer.


Let's say you really liked and respected someone, but you were in a very very sticky situation in your personal life (away from that person you liked). That person was reaching out to you, just a friendly hand... and you choose to ignore that person. Why do you do that? Why can't anyone be honest these days and say what they are really feeling? Why do people avoid confrontation? Is it honestly because they don't care at all? Or is it more than that?


Talk to me...[/b]

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I find in most cases the reason people aren't honest or straight forward is either a) they dont want to hurt someone or b) they dont want to be hurt by someone. There has to be a high level of trust for two people to open up and communicate on such a level where no matter what is said they will not feel judged or the message will not be taken out of context.


People hear alot of things they don't want to hear in their lifetime but its important to understand why it's being said instead of just reacting to it.

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you're right. It comes down to not wanting to hurt someone. In my case, I think he didn't want to hurt me. So instead he ignored me. Which is sad, because I told him that avoidance hurts more than honesty...and yet, he still didn't reach out, thus hurting me. I did truly believe he cared...which makes me see now that maybe he never did. sometimes, no answer is the answer. oh wells...

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