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I want to kick myself real hard right now

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Hi, i really don't have a question... i just feel ashamed and stupid.

Today the girl I have a cursh on came into my classroom and stood by the door waiting for the teacher to finish talking so she could ask him a question. Well I sit right next to the door where she was standing, and the whole time she was in my classroom I didn't even say hi. (she knows i like her but i have yet to say anything to her in person) I just want to kick myself real hard right now. Oh well... and thx for reading.

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well, it is tough to talk to a crush, but you NEED to as soon as possible. next time you see her, don't think, just walk right up to her & say hi. whats the worst that could happen? well, whatever happens, its not the end of the world. you need to do it now before your moment passes you.

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I dont think the setting was right anyway, saying hi to her the first time in front of the whole class and teacher, if you were already an Item, sure.


You should walk up to her and tell her Hi, in the hallways or outside, somewhere "more private", look into her eyes and smile, be relaxed, say hi, ask her something, maybe about what she was asking in class (this way she knows you noticed her then) touch her hand at least once or shoulder, just quick little touch to make your points come accross while talking.


Keep first intro short, and you leave first, no matter how well its going. she will be thinking of you a lot after that. and will want to know more.


good luck

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in my opinion, if u like someone then u need to do all u can to get that person, i think u should start talking to her and see where it goes, if u dont i will regret it later on, its better to have loved and lost than to have never love at all

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