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What does she want from me?

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Hello everyone. this message is about the girl.... if you've read my previous posts. Things are getting shakey. For those who dont know, I met this girl through work a year ago, and in the last few months we've grown very close... we use to talk for hours on the phone. She even told me she loved me at one stage..... then now she says she still feels the same but she wished she hadn't said it so early. Well... she had a boyfriend back then.... they've broken up.... and now were waiting and seeing wwhat happens.


The other night at work we talked for the first time in a week.... she hadnt wanted to talk to me.... she says that love hurts and that she needs time to think. But I get the feeling that shes letting me go. I don't understand. What we have is so beautiful. This message may seem relatively inanimate... but what we have is incredible... beyond words. I need to know whats going through her mind. I feel lost without knowing shes there for me and I can be there for her.

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I said I love you too early also. So I can relate. I always say everything happens for a reason. And I believe it's true. Maybe she said it too early, but she wouldn't have said it if she wasn't slightly feeling it. You get me? I think that there is something there between you two. I can feel you when you say how beautiful the relationship is. I believe you mean it. Let her know that. Just keep it going and stay true to you feelings. She wouldn't have said "I love you" if she didn't mean it, at least a little. You can grow from there.

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