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I Can't Tell How This Girl Feels About Me

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Ok, I've known this girl for about 3 years. (Knowing her as in talking occasionally, etc.). She was in 6th grade when I first met her, and I was in 8th. I never really used to think she was all that stunning. Then, the years went by and I eventually had gone about 2-3 years without talking to her, because I was at the high school nd she was still in middle school. Then this year, I'm a junior and shes a freshman. I took one look at her and thought "wow..." . I don't know what happened but all of the sudden I have to have her. But I'm afraid she doesn't like me like that, and even shows signs that she doesn't seem to want to talk to me. (Every time we are in a conversation, it's all me talking ). She smiles at me occasionally, but never looks at me (at least when I'm looking at her) and never initiates conversation, but when I AM talking to her it seems like she is annoyed or irritated . I really like her and care about her more than anything, and I want to be able to talk to her more easily and frequently before I tell her how I feel about her. The thing is I can't even tell if she likes me or not. OR EVEN IF SHE CARES . She laughs occasionally at my joks, but thats about it. Please help me understand her. Communication is impossible with her right now. I just need some way to get over that hurdle.

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A big MEEEH to this situation.


LAst sunday i was on training camp(I do kickboxing) and it was there that i met my teacher's daughter again. I hadn't seen her in a while, i swear to god my jaw dropped so hard it ended up in China o_o;;


I know that she used to like me one day, but i was with someone else at the time. Years went by and all. And now i'm trying to make contact with her of course, see if i can like who she truly is. It's not like i know her extremely well...


but yeah what to do about it, i dunno. I'd play it out a little longer perhaps talk with her and stuff, perhaps ask her out to a movie sometime. Something simple, built that friendship up again and then see what comes from it, it's to soon to tell her if she likes you, and besides i dun even know her. In time you'll learn more, be patient grashoppah


For my case, i'm just gonna talk with her and she goes to kickboxing now too, so i'll see. Still gotta be careful though, my sensai is one tough bastage ;P he could break my legs in 5 secs or less ;P


well good luck m8,

hope things work out the way you want em too

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