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The relationship is between you and this girl, if you want to know more about her, just get to know her, if she is having problems youll find out yourself soon enough.


If she recently broke up with someone, then thats a red flag. other than that, id say go for it. (are you over your ex?)


A few months ago, when i was still hurting real bad from my breakup, I made the mistake of falling real soon for someone also right out of a relationship, anyway, we had many hours of romantic chat, sometimes erotic. well, would you believe she actually showed these e-mails and chats we had to her ex? telling him , "see, i have a new guy already" she did this to make him jealous.


that was about 4 months ago, needless to say, she got back with her Ex.

just recently. we still chat once in a while, and also "see" each other on a online mmorg. I consider her a friend. the way I see it is this, in love and war there are no rules, she did what she needed to do to get her man back, if she would have asked me to do this to help her out I probably would have helped.


I didnt get hurt from this one, because, it was something I suspected, it was fun while it lasted, hehe.


Anyway, i kinda drifted there, the thing is, be careful about people recently out of a relationship.

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