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Did I do something wrong?????????

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My boyfriend and father of my child gets around a lot! I grew up in a small town about 1100 miles away from his town. He is good looking. He gave me an STD right after I got checked for my post-partum. He tells me he loves me every min of the day! He doesn't let me breathe, he gets angry when I ask him about his past relationships. It seems to me that he is embaressed about sleeping with so many girls. Then lying about those girls and saying that I was the only one he slept with! He told me that there was someone he could have been with but ever since he saw me he says "naw". It makes me jealous. I am the jealous type. Why do I worry about it so much? Do I need to talk a walk or leave him for a while? Every time I tell him what I think in terms of that he replies "***whatever"...is that such a bothersome thing to do??? Did I do something wrong? Is he too nice for me?

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first, you better worry about the STD, second... Ive been in a relationship for 2 and a half years now... we broke up for awhile after a year and he had some partners, (that were my best friends (some friends huh)) and let me tell you... its been a 2 years and everytime i mention it, he regret that so much.. if i say "oh theres ur girl" talking about the the hoe he slept with... he gets real affended... fact is... he denys it because he wishes he would have never done it... he wishes that it would have never happened... but here is what i grew to understand. Its not GOOD that he did it.. but isnt it good that he realizes what he has now. And that sleeping with other girls isnt really that special... love is special. If you love him, than keep loving him, you may never find someone like him again. Ive been happly in my relationship ever since i got over the bumpy road i had with my boyfriend... if your having doubts its because you dont blieve that you could have someone like him...


if you say your jealous, HONEY you could never be as jealous as me... i used to get mad when he looked over at the car next to him id say "thats it you are so dumped you are such a loser" and than come to realize it was an old lady trying to get over to his lane....


My jealousy has almost gone away... its still there and will always be there, but HE LOVES YOU, HE WANTS YOU, if he didnt he wouldnt be with you, Of course he's gonna look, everyone does (its a reflex) he's gonna and OF COURSE hes gonna deny his past partners, but its because he loves you... he doesnt want to talk about it, because it shouldnt be talked about... there PAST partners.. worry about the future with him...


your lucky you have a guy that stays with you, there are not many guys that do... there are many guys who stay the way he was in his past forever


good luck

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