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Can anyone help me out with this one? Do you know of any good ways to express frustrations? I mean by that to ventilate frustrations in non-violent or destructive ways?


I'm a very rational person but sometimes, I come close to loosing my temper, it boils down inside but I usually manage to tame the beast as they say (well maybe nobody says it but I do). My neighbour is what is commonly known as a chronic whistler in the sense that he whistles all the time (very often).


Tell me, is there anything more annoying and nerve grating that someone who whistles on and on and on? Think about it? IT DRIVES ME MAD!!


I sometimes feel like I'm gonna bust in there, in his appartment and tell him to shut the hell up but that wouldn't solve much.


But I don't want to carry this frustration over though, unexpressed frustrations turn people into aggressive persons, and I don't want to be that, but god the whistling ](*,)


I hope good advices will come on this one. Nothing that has to do with breathing please, It doesn't work with this kind of irritant.


Omega Man,

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omega man, you've got me stumped! i whistle also, but not ALL the time, and only usually when i have a song stuck in my head. as for this neighbour, i can understand your frustration...........but alas, is not an easy problem to solve.


i, like you, also hold alot of my temper in, and keep things pretty cool. but sometimes i just snap (i always make sure im by myself when i do). i WOULD suggest confronting the neighbour about it, but something like that might be a bit awkward, i know i'd have problems going to my neighbour and saying " uh excuse me, your not a very good whistler, and you do it ALL the time. i would like my hearing fully operational tomorrow, and any other day, so do you mind changing your life around for me? thanks a bunch!" wouldnt go down too well.


hm, well you could always fight fire with fire? try doing something else neighbours hate. playing loud music? talk on your mobile or portable phone outside or whistle yourself!........etc......anything really.

but he might not catch on with it . if he did confront you about it though, you could slip in the old "ok i'll give that up, you give up the whistling, deal!"


if not,............well im all outta ideas.......but if i think of any GOOD ones then i'll let you know.


lol goodluck with this one omegaman!

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We all have little pet peeves that add up to a whole hill of nothing!


There are sometimes when it is right to complain and make your feelings heard by others, and there are times when you can't do much but ignore it.


If he is doing it exceptionally loudly and in a way that bugs others in the apartment complex, then maybe you could tell him to stop.


Other than that I guess there is very little you can do, except to not let your emotions get ahead of you.

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Have you thought about listening to music to try and mask the noise? If not, maybe turn on a small fan, the noise from something like a fan (random or white noise) tends to mask other noise sources as well.


I find physical exercise helpful when I'm frustrated.

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