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ok when a guy recognizes a good looking female, there are definitely sexual thoughts going through his head, that's some part of the attractiveness. Women will always stray away from this and say they think differently (usually something other that having sex). what do women think to themselves when they see a really good looking dude, if it's not sexual? Are there times when women think just like men do? if you catch a female staring so hard at a guy, what can she possibly be thinking other than having sex with him?

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Hmmm.... this is a good question. When I was single, if I saw a good looking guy, I would study his clothes and his shoes first - this can tell you a lot about someone, i.e. does he match, does he care about what he looks like? Then again, if he was somebody who was a blue collar worker, that was even better! I was a sucker for a hard working man. I would definitely not think about having sex with him right from the beginning....usually not until after I got to know them, if at all, actually. I think we women think differently because we try to figure out, OK would this guy be someone I'd like to get to know better, is he sensitive, is he capable of loving, is he confident, I wonder if he's strong-willed and would he be faithful? I wonder if he would treat me good and if he has a good sense of humor, if he's intelligent, if he's caring and sweet? Only after I would meet someone and talk to them for quite awhile might I fantasize about having sex, but I can honestly say that didn't happen very often except in a couple rare cases where the chemistry was just mind blowing, and the whole relationship was just based on that it itself. That's kind of an understood thing on both parts. You'll know it when it hits ya!


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