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i am confused...plz help me

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hi all...this may be a common problem or not...i dont know, please help me.

i am 24 Male, . i know this girl say X for a very long time. We went to do our graduation in neighbouring towns and started xchanging letters and phone calls. and I started loving her 5 yrs back. ie., when i was 19. but i didnt revealed it. after completing my graduation i told my love and she said that she loves me but she cant do anything aganist the will of her her parents. after a year and securing a job i again appraoched her and her answer was the same.later i ventured in to my own business and i had some financial crisis and was not in a position to think about beginning a family life. mean while we continued to xchange the phone calls and letters. later the business got improved and i was again in a sound position. and i again proposed 2 her. her answer was some what different this time. she said me she loves another guy. and i wished good luck and came back to my city. and stopped calling her and sending letters

after a month she called me and said that what she told was a lie. and now her parents are thinking abt her marriage and almost found a guy (not me ).

i am confused about her, her attitude towards me.

Whats in her mind. Does she loves me or not ?

and What should i do next...Keep on trying or leave the matter

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Seems this is a religion of some sort?

hard to say, i think she does love you though. But is afraid of what her parents will do when they find out about it. Maybe she told you about the other guy only because she was afraid. And wanted to protect you of some sort. I do not know much about this religious stuff, but you asked the question does she love me, and IMHO yes she does..


Maybe you could attempt to comfort her and make her less afraid, and maybe in the future confront her parents about it... but again it's a hard situation yer in.


Good luck,



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Hi There !


Hard to say indeed !


There is no sure way to find out what exactly she is and has been at. If I were you, I'd forget about this girl, and move on. She sounds to me like she doesn't know what she wants at all. The lies - why did she have to lie? Sound's like she's hiding something there, and I don't know what.


Don't stress any more about it - you will probably not find out what is going on at all.


Hope this helps you some,

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  • 3 months later...

hi all, some new developments took place in the last few months.

Well Mis X's marriage was fixed. but later she informed me that some thing happened and they are no longer proceeding with that proposal.

Later she asked me to find a job for her in my home town. Infact she came to my town for seeing me. infact she accompanied her sister and her child to my home town for a medical chekup. and again we started exchanging calls.

This is the latest situation. do i need to find a job for her and make her stay in my town. or do i leave the matter and concentrate in my work.

Thanx in advance

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Hi Neefaa,


While her situation seems to have changed, there have been no clear indications that she is interested in a relationship with you. She has shown interest in moving to where you are which of course is a good sign.


If you like this woman, then perhaps you could consider helping her out. In saying that, be sure to keep her as a friend and at arms length from you. If she is playing any games with you, you will have less to loose. Be careful, and decide what you want to do - then proceed with caution until you are sure where you stand !


Hope this helps you some,

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