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*inconceivable!, don't try cold call walk ups! aggghh

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My lord, walking about the mall today I approached 3 women out of the blue, started up some small talk etc etc...


But then when I came around to asking for their numbers.........


Girl number 1,2,3 say) Ummm, yeah well I've already kinda got a boyfriend... and I just say

"oh ok then" and walk away.........


Holy**** what are the friggen odds! As you can tell I'm pretty steamed right now and feel reaaaaally disheartened. Jeez is there a safer way to ask for a number without making oneself look like a fool??? Thanks

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I personally would prefer it if a guy asked for my number. If i dont like him like that, i wont give it to him. If i do like him, then i will give it over. Simple. i cant think of a better way for u to get it. Unless your childish enough to get one of your mates to ask for it...A HUGE!!!! No No.

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Hey everyone. lol frizzy yea I agree with you about the mates thing...perhaps you should try a different approach rick, why not ask to like get a drink or something next time, it might sound less...desperate if any *shrugs*?


If u're thinkin about givin up why not give the coversation more time till one of u's have to go and see if she can ask for your number instead if u're really cut up and discouraged bout it all.


I usually just have conversations without intending to make it anymore than a casual "i'm bored so how about we talk till somethin comes up" e.g. at transport or takeaway places etc. So I'm not quite sure what to do either...


Hope that helps

Happy Heb

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yeah some good ideas there herb!


i think your doing a bang up job rick! those girls must be crazy to turn you over! although the success rate is unknown, asking for the girls number in that fashion is not a total waste of time, and is possible to succeed in!


although, perhaps making them feel more comfortable with your presense will soften the blow when you finally ask. perhaps dropping hints that you will ask, will prepare them. maybe try and ask if they would like to hang out sometime instead of heading straight for the phone number. you never know, but some of them might be real interested in you, but the quick grab for their number could seem a bit "stalker" like, and might scare them off.


if they're interested in the get together, perhaps offering her YOUR phone number might be as effective. well just try different methods. dont think about how you look, atleast your out there giving it a try! most people are too afraid to do what your attempting so kudos to you!!


im sure lady luck will smile on you in the end! keep it up, your doing great!

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Despite what happened at the mall today, I think you should be kind of proud. Sure you did not get any numbers but that does not really matter. The most important thing is that you had the courage to do what you did. So try not to stress out about it too much and dont give up on what you are trying to do cos you will succeed...

Good luck


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