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Need advice.


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Okay, so I'm a very shy guy and I finally got up the courage to ask out this girl I have a crush on. The problem is this, I have no I dea if she said yes or not (this would be my first girlfriend I just turned 16). So here is exactly what was said.


Small talk etc.


Me: So would you like to go out and do something after school sometime?

Her: Sure.

Me: Great, how about a movie on friday night.

Her: Sorry but I work Friday night.

Me: Well then what day would work for you?

Her: I work alot this week, Saturday,friday,thursday and tuesday. So why dont we go on Wednesday?

Me: Okay, great.

Her: Oh actually I forgot wednesday is conference(parent/teacher) night. This week is actually pretty busy so why dont we do it sometime next week?


By this time school is over with and I have to go my separate way.


Me: Well why dont we talk about it tomarrow.

Her: Alright, see ya.


Problem is I didn't even get her number. So what is yes or no?

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I used to be a skinny, non girl getting kinda guy. As soon as I picked up weights, got a little bulk to myself, I gained tons of confidence. And that is what the girls see in me. Most girls like a guy with it, and not someone who they know everyone will walk over. With that said, I usually use the like "If you don't want to go out with me, just tell me. I'd rather have you tell me now then have you blow me off). Now, I only use that line when I don't think the girl likes me, or gives me weird answers. When I call them out like that, I get a straight up answer, it may hurt to find out the truth (if it's bad) but it'll save you a lot of time. Maybe you should just be upfront with her?

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Great news, it turns out that she did want to go out afterall. So we're going to go see a movie on Tuesday of next week. But here is another question, when I was talking to her all I did was give her my number but I forgot to ask for hers, my sister seems to think that this is a major faux pas what do you guys think (did I blow it)?

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I think so give her some time befor you call her. Now what should you talk about....... every thing that comes up that is about all I can say. A good ice breaker, that one is alittle bit hard..... ok say "hey (her name) what are you up to?" and go from there. Well I hope that this helps.

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