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*difference between handsome and cute

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tough tough question


well it could really depend with each person. sometimes they can mean the exact same thing. if i had to differentiate, i would say handsome means facial beauty, like a male model, little or no imperfections.......cute still refers to good looks in a more innocent light.......close to words like adorable, or puppy like.


if you have been described as such, i would take it as you have a very appealing face, but one not lacking personality.


but be cautious, some who say this (and i speak broadly) may only be doing so to humour or please the person.


but you should be very pleased with the looks given to you, cute should be taken as a very good compliment.


~remember looks arnt the most important though~

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Hey rickothesicko and materia goddess, me happy


YES rickonthesicko...i've always asked myself that exact question but gave up once I figured it was a good thing so it doesn't matter.


I personally think cute is just what it sounds, you're cute, have innocent childhood personalities that could be expressed through ur physical look or maybe just your physical look or something. Another definition of it could be people just use cute as it doesn't sound as serious as it sounds more slightly flirtatious to me.


Handsome could be a very manly facial feature...


Well that's what I think.


Happy Heb

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Ive been told I am cute so should I be happy , I kept thinking that it didn’t mean much …though girls do smile at me once in a while .anyway when I say a girl is cute ..i don’t mean she is stunning but on the other hand really adorable and huggable and basically very appealing ..i mean I am totally satisfied by the way she looks and dresses ..i mean everyone will admire a model and say they are good looking but ..when we say cute I guess it means someone who is more like dateable and stuff ..i guess ..right pr wrong

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no no shyguy you got it! having model looks doesnt mean crap anyways. cute is looking good and looking fun!


cute is where you wanna be. but if handsome's what your getting (to others) then by no means think your less fortunate......you'd be crazy!


cute is tops! and for all you guys who ARN'T getting either........well you SHOULD be!!!!!

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