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What to do in this now!

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I have a question for you people!!


I whant to know what can I do when the girl I love is alround!- I don't think she knows it!, but I don't whant to act like a fool alround her-( I'm a guy )-. I traid not to talk to her much, or even say "HI!", sometimes I walk next to her- and I don't even look at her; It is because i'm a shy boy, and I know It!- This is the truth, and i whant to tell you the truth so you can tell me something tthat can really help me!!!


I don't know whats wrong with me!-


Please help-!- Thanks!!!

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Dude. I understand completely how you are behaving around her. I'm sought'a going through that phase. Best thing you can do, is to make eye contact with her. Your eyes will say it all. You want her to know you love her but without saying or directly imlpying this. When you talk to her, look her in the eyes, and if you feel a certain way, your eyes will say it all. Then, if she has anyfeelings for you, you will find that she becomes increasingly trusting in the use of her body language. You need create trust of body language before trust of words. THe body is the uncorrupted language- never forget that. And it will never backfire, cause theres no proof! So you wont get turned down hurtfully.

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firstly there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you. everyones a bit shy now and then. some of us are always shy. but dont let this hold you back from what you want. Prince has the right idea. body language is the best thing to use, especially when afriad to approach her verbally. let her know that you like her by dropping subtle hints like eye contact and smiles. after a while she should get the idea. if she reacts and returns these then id say to go for it. start casual with a "hi how are you...ive seen you around bla bla bla" then you can go forward with suggesting a get together.


dont try too hard being someone your not. being yourself is your best asset. she should appreciate this. being shy might be an obstacle, but facing your fears leads to sucess. try it and see.


~be yourself, and dont hold back~

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