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she likes me or not...or playing hard to get?

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Yesterday evening, I gave my co-worker (the girl I like) a phone call (to her cellphone), but instead I always end up not talking to her, I always end up on her voicemail. I would also sent her text messages and not get any replies back. This situation went on for the past 3 days (This thing had never happened before). Anyways, I couldn't help but feel that she doesn't like me anymore; But, everytime I'm working with her or I'm hanging around her in person, she acts as if she still likes me. So, I could be wrong, probably she just gotten a little bit busy than before. If she is more busy, then why not reply to my calls or my text messages by the time that she is free (I have a caller ID, so she knows who calls her)? I really never ask her why, but I really don't know what to think. Does she still like me? Is she playing hard to get? Or, playing games with me?

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