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Hi !

Theres a girl whom I love and I am her best friend. We go out together to chill out etc.. but from the past few days theres a guy in his coaching class who has the bad intentions... but she is considering him a very gud friend and is always talking to me .. even in front of me..

I dont know what to do........ this feeling of love came in me after she started to talk to him.

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i agree with za3raa69, and if you say that you chill out with and stuff, im assuming you have a good friendhsip going their and your able to communicate well, so i reackon she will be able to understand where your coming from. and dont worry about it, the best thing you can do is talk, dont let these feelings eat you up inside, and yeah like za3raa69 said i hope its not jealousy...


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No.. i really love her. Its not jealousy... but its just that I want her to be protected from that guy. I even told her once.. she even stopped talking to him but he approached her and lied that its not that...

but then also after telling her all this she talks to her.. thats what buggin me.


So u think i should tell her once more??

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