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Very troublesome.... Older women

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I know.... this is very weird. I just entered college as freshmen. 18 years old. and on the first day of class, i met a second year female student and was very attracted to her. I asked her phone number and everything and we were being very closed these couple of weeks. We almost meet up everyday for lunch and other activities. I think she has a bit of feelings for me but the major problem is that not because she's sophmore, it's because she's a 23 years old sophmore! She's like as old as my sister! I do like her quite a lot but you think it's right to ask her for a date and if so, what should I do?


I grew up in a all male dormitory so I know NOTHING about dating. Crap, is this suitable?



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hey if u luv one another nothing matters...


I hav neva dated an woman that much older than me b4 but i'd assume that they'd b more experienced in the dating game which could b a good thing or bad thing 4 u good thing would b, they should b more understanding and they could hav been hurt more so its a possiblitiy that goin wif the younger guy's more safe.


nevertheless, it doesn't matter what she feels, as long as u like her, go for it.


Isn't life all about takin chances? u shouldn't think bout things, just do it coz u kno, chances are u'll neva b able 2 predict the future. But life's just 2 short, screw thinkin twice.


What if she's just feelin what u're feelin, someone's gotta spill it out sonner or later, sure u might screw ur friendship ova for a while but at least he'll kno and u might get a chance in the future. Like me, i was in the same situation and now me and my really good friend's 2getha.


So what if u do screw up the friendship, there's not much 2 b destroyed from what i'm getting and there's everychance that u 2 really like each other as friends so recovery would b probable.


I think it's just u thinkin 2 much and worrying about things b4 they surpass but i suppose, sometimes ppl like 2 b prepared even tho there's just way 2 many possiblities lol "ooh.. the possibilities" - some sorta toy ad catchphrase. Anyway, right back 2 this, even if u do worry, somethin else u might not b prepared 4 might occur, then wouldn't it hav been a waste of time?


I think u should tell, coz u kno it's definitely the best way i reckon. Coz that way u wouldn't waste ur time, coz if she says no, u'll know what she feels sooner and plus, even if she says no, at least she knos u like her now so she could reconsider.


Don't think twice. Go for it. Like i said, life's way 2 short once u get down 2 it.




Happy Heb

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Hi David


You have a great opportunity for a dynamite relationship here. Don't blow it because of some stupid notion that there's something wrong with an older woman~younger man pairing. If more younger guys would get with older women, they'd soon find out that older chicks don't play the ridiculous games that younger girls do, are more mature, and usually have their own stuff (car, career, even their own home sometimes). The having their own stuff is important, because in the American culture especially, men are socially influenced to see women as "purchases", instead of people, and women are socially influenced to see men as nothing more than a walking wallet. ( Being a girl, I know. You wouldn't believe the things my friends say about men. I wish men would respond to these ugly stereotypes by making them less true.)


Older women rely less on a man for material comfort, and see him as a person, looking at the aspects of his personality, seeing him as a companion, lover and friend. Guys many times tend to overlook this.

She sounds like a good girl for you, and if you really like each other, go for it, respect and treat each other well, and be happy.

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