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Is there a motive?

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Last night my boyfriend and I were laying in bed together smoking a cig. after we had sex. I had ask him a few questions, and then he ask me one that threw me. He ask me what I would do if he just left? I told him he didn't want to know the answer to that, but he insisted I tell him. Do you think this means he is looking for a way out? He did say he didn't mean anything by it, but I wonder if he did. What do ya'll think?

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This is sounds more complicated than what it seems, he could be looking for a way out, or he could be asking how much you really care for him. If you two have recently become more serious, he might be getting scared and looking for a way out, but he wants to know that you're going to be ok first. Try and have him rephrase the question before answering.

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Well we just moved in together about a week ago. He has already told me that he wasn't sure if he would like it because he has not had a place to call home in several years. Marriage has not come up. When we first got together though he told me some things that had a great affect on me. He went on and on about how I was a dream come true, an answer to his prayers, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I reminded him of that last night in conversation. I said well I guess it is not like I haven't been told that before and been lied to. He said well it isn't a lie, it is just that things change. I don't understand. I call him a tumble weed because he just comes and goes with everything (where he stays, where he works, etc.). That is just how he is. I am afraid he will be blown away from me, and out of my heart, but I don't want to show my fear. I am trying not to get hurt b/c of the last 2 relationship I was in being complete disasters. I fear this one will too, and all the time I wonder what in the hell I did wrong, but no one wants to tell me anything ever. I just don't want to be the one coming up on the losing end again. I don't know how I will handle that especially since I am the happiest and healthiest I have been in a long long time. Does anyone have any words of wisdom on how to handle my situation?

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