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only the truth....please!

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That totally depends on the girl, and her level of maturity. Anything from nothing, to crying and being depressed to *bleepin* your stuff up. Also depends on what the guy has done, and yeah alot has to do w/ maturity level and just how that person reacts to high stress situations

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If I was dumped by a guy that I really liked, I would take it as a sign that he was no longer interested in keeping a relationship with me. I would probably try and get him to talk to me so I could better understand the reason for the break up but, I wouldn't grieve over it too long. I would give time for myself to breath, and move on for a new suiter.

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i once made a notebook when this guy i really liked led me on then told me he didn't want to date me cause his friend liked me too. in the notebook i wrote a lot of quotes in it, like sad break up quotes. it really helped me. even though some of the quotes made me think of him, it helped me get over him at the same time. it might not work for you, but thats just what i did. i also never really talked to him much. now that im completely over him & i think back on it, i wonder why i ever actually liked him. he was a jerk who didn't treat me right.

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