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We're breakin up, he's suicidal..HELP

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OMG...I am too old for this shit...I had a conversation with my to-be-ex tonight..he asked what exactly I wanted from him...(we've been fighting for weeks & he's living off of me for who knows how long) I told him I want ABSOLUTELY NOTHING-- just move the rest of your stuff out..he lived with me for 19 months & moved out in April (in case you haven't already heard this story) I supported him for over a year while he sat back, surfed the internet, watched cable TV, ate my food, drank my beer. Well, I have 2 children, and my stupid ass, I let him start coming back (not move back in, but he stayed 4-5 nights a week & ate & the whole bit) and nothing has changed, he & the kids still don't get along, as long as I do what he "says" we get along..but I told him I want him outta my life tonight, and he says he would rather be dead than be alone...I am HOPING this is some kind of emotional blackmail stuff. But I feel so guilty!!! Even though I know I have done nothing wrong!! I am taking care of my kids & me, & I know (finally) that I am the only that will do that!! What do you think I should do?

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I would let him go if I was you. It looks like he is just useing the I will kill my self if I cant be with you. But let him down nice though just in case. If you think that he will try to kill him self get help there are places that you can take him. Well I hope that this helps.

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Listen, your ex is one of those sponges who thinks the whole world owes him everything, for whatever reason. And now that he doesn't have you to live off of, the person who has been overly generous and probably too forgiving, he is going to try every trick he can to guilt trip you back into his hands. You don't need that, and you already know it. Who wants a needy, unstable appendage? You have children of your own, and yourself to put at top priority. If this man had any merit, he would have given you at least what you've given him, and it sounds like he's not that type of person. So, he's threatening to kill himself? It is a mind game. He knows you have cared, and he's trying not to lose you. Forget him! You are so much better off being single if that is what a relationship has to offer. Hold out for someone who helps support you emotionally, physically, financially, etc. Hold out for a real man. And don't feel guilty if you don't hold his hand in his pathetic attempts for pity. I'm afraid all he wants is control. And remember, any guy who is that helpless as to be nothing without another person, has a lot of work to do in their own life, and fortunately it really has nothing to do with you. If, God forbid, he would kill himself (which I am almost totally convinced he isn't really thinking about doing), it means he had much deeper problems than you ever could have caused.



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