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What does this mean? How do I response

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Been talking to my ex-girlfriuend .. and I asked her to do something this weekend, just for Friday night. Below is her response . how do I answer. I live 2 hours away, long distance. We have seen each other since our breakup over the past .. and we always spend the night together .. should I just suck it up .. and just go, see her and see what happens? or is this a bigger thing, that i'm not seeing?




I'm doing fine... I don't think I have any plans for Friday, are you planning to come down for the game?? The only request that I have, just to keep things uncomplicated b/w us, is that I would rather us not stay the night together.. would that be a problem if you came down on Friday?

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Well you've said she is your ex. This sounds to me like she is trying (very nicely) to put a little distance between the two of you. I think she still wants to be friends, but not more.


So if you are going down there just to hang out, chat, have some fun, etc then by all means go. But if you are going down there to try and restart the relationship or you are hoping for more then I'd advise skipping the trip. It doesn't sound like thats what she wants.

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Are you just going there to hook up with your ex? I think she wants to move on with her life and just be friends with you. It may be difficult for her to deal with "spending the night" with you then you both go your separate ways.


Or it could be that she's seeing someone new and doesn't want things to be complicated. I think you should just respect her wish to be friends.

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