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Shy guy and shy girl

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Before I get to my topic, I would like to say 1st time poster!!!


About a month ago, I was "introduced" to this girl. And for the past couple of weeks we have been chatting when not busy with college. I wasn't sure at first but I really like her now. There is just something about her. My dilema is that I want to ask her if she wants to watch a movie together or something to that extent. My problem is that I am a really shy guy. I clam up and stutter when I am around her.


Another problem is that I can tell she is shy too. And I have no clue if she is interested at all. I think she is staring at me at class, but then again she could be just looking in the area. What to do!?

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Is there something really interesting in that corner? Probably not!

Coming from a shy girl, just ask her out...she wants you to. The first invite is the hardest...but if she knows your interested she will start to open up more.

Keep it casual, ask her if she wants to get together one night study for awhile and then rent a movie.....

All you need is an ice breaker. And if there 'is something about her' then listen to you gut...go after her! Good Luck!

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yeah, goes towards her and tell her you're shy but you like her. she will be happy you're making the move despite your shyness, yet it doesn't mean she can fancy you as a bofriend. actually from my experience girls don't like shy guys because they like people they can admire from being confident. but some might find that cute. i don't know. i just don't know anything what's the point of trying to help others....

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I know how you feel. Sadjj that is a good plan I need to remember that one. Lissen to Sadjj she is right, just hang out with her and you both will start to open up when you get to know each outher. I wish you the best of luck. Keep us posted

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I'm in a similar situation. I'll see the girl looking in my general direction, sometimes at me, but maybe that's just because I happened to be looking at her.


Just walk up and ask how her day is going...something like that. You should ask her what her plans for the weekend are (but not in a tone that suggests you're trying to hook up with her) and if she says she has none, ask if she wants to meet you for lunch, or something like that. Don't ask if she has plans, because she can lie and say, "Yes" and then you have no chance. Only ask what her plans are...she either has to quickly make something up (if she isn't intersted) or say, "None" if she actually doesn't have plans. Then if you ask her out and she says, "No," at least you tried. Stand tall and move on...don't sulk away or look depressed. Be confident.


If you do end up getting together, make it a just friends thing for now...save the movies and stuff for later when you've opened up a bit more. Getting lunch is a great way to get to know someone; you can talk the whole time you're waiting for the order, you can ask all sorts of questions about her to let her know you're actually interested in her life, and hopefully, you'll both go home knowing quite a bit about each other. After that, it should be cake to talk to her.

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