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Been through HELL and back.

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Its the truth..I see that I am doin better off wit my ex and her crap...Im back on my feet and moving on...life is a lesson and ive learned that the hard way..This new girl is amazing tho..today im spending the day with her and mayb even night...im going to take it lilttle by little and step by step bc i cant and wont be put back in hell...to the men out there..watch out bc there are some heartless and scandalous girls out there..chose them wisely and make sure u neva get put in my situation..my smiles are real and my days are betta...if uve took time to help me and my prob..thanx..

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i am slightly confused about the aspect of you sayiong that you feel better with your ex but are moving on and getting away from hell.


even though im a chick id say yes there are some evil women out there but that is also true to the statement with men.


im glad that you have moved on and found someone new in life, and you are right to move things slowly. ive been to hell so to speak and it isnt nice.


good luck.


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