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Falling in love with her

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Hi, im 14. I've been friends with her for 3 years now. I think i like her. I've asked her out before, but she has never really given me a clear response. I am not ugly. I just look real young. My voice has not changed either and my face looks young. Also my body still looks small. I think this may have something to do with her not liking me. Is there anyway i can look older. I need some advice for both of these issues.


1) Liking my friend


2) 14 and not well old looking


Please all help is greatly appreciated.

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I'm sorry, but I would say, "Just chill." At this point its all a game, but you're putting too much into it. Trust me though, at this point in you're life its better to stay just friends. That friendship will mean more to you in the long run. The people you care about now need to stay your friends and a relationship like you're wanting will probably not do anything but hurt your friendship later on. I know you're probably not going to listen to me, but I have to say what I believe. I would suggest that for the next 4 years you don't try and date anyone that would hurt you to loose, because that's what usually happens in early dating.

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Sweety if this girl is that shallow that she wont give you a clear answer just coz of the way you look,then shes not really worth it is she?you dont want to go out with someone that is only interested in what you look like?also you shouldnt be focusing on it as much as you are either,you're 14 so you've got plenty of time to grow and mature,some people develop later than others,there no shame in that.

just ask her out again and if she doesnt give you a proper response then dont ask her again,then she might realise what shes lost and might ask you out! failing that just try to be friends with her,its good to have friends of the opposite sex,you'll have more experience on how to approach the next girl that takes your fancy!

good luck!

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