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i cant breathe! I HATE THIS!

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i cant take it anymore!!! all this stress..........all this pressure!!!!


i always cope with stress bad, and now with the HSC on my back i think im gonna DIE from stress........i cant get space where ever i go.........its surrounding me.......i cant escape it at all........i hate this.......i hate it so much that sometimes i stop breathing coz its so overwelming! i know its not the end of the world, but my parents are putting the pressure on big time......why couldn't i just be smart........i try to study, but even that stresses me out............the other night my dad gave me this talk before i went to bed.......more like a HUGE scary lecture about how if i do bad im gonna be working at Coles for the rest of my life.........and that this will determine my whole future...........about how much work i havent done, the time i've wasted, and how everyone else is gonna fly right by me, and im gonna end up on the street. i tried to hold it in till he left......i almost cried right there...........why cant he understand that i have a stress problem.....he knows this....im even seing a doctor about it....but yet he pushes the bar.........my heart hurts.......i hurt all over........i wish my problem was about breaking up with my boyfriend or something......ANYTHING but this...........i dont want to do this.........please dear god i dont want to go into that exam room......i dont think i can do this.........someone please help me........i feel so alone right now.......

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hey there,

ok please calm down and dont stress out as much if you cn, i know how you feel i stress out over work and studying and general aspects over thi, my parents dig down on me too because they know i can achieve good grades and my other sisters fail its as if i have to do better.


are you sure that its just the work load thats bugging you or is it your boyfriend, or do you feel that you are ok with this?

ok, you mentioned HSC do you mean health and social care because if you do im taking the course and ill tr to help you out, i know how you feel if you do i mean the workload is great but what isnt?


what section are you doing if you are doing it and what do you need help with? ill try my best with it.


right about the exam, think about it your portfolio will be around 60% and then the rest will be based on key skills youve learnt and exams dont stress out, youll know itr youve worked on it. or is there some areas that you dont understand too well?


right give me the details and i will try damn hard to help. lol. this will work out honest.

please calm down we can help you. and do you know what youll feel great as soon as youve taken the exam it will all be over. the studying is hard when your worrying about whats to come in the exam, well forget about that and just study. if it helps ignore the prents and think about you. take breajks and get out, dont let it be the main thing you think about when not studying only when you are.



hope this helped.


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Ok first thing you sound veary smart, I think that your dad is trying to get you to do better by makeing you stress out. Now if you are having problems in school you should talk to your teachers. I had a hard time in school until I found that my brain has a hard time understanding english, I am from the united states too. English is my primary language, it is not that I am dum... far form it. But to get your stress out go running, swiming, go hiking, something like that just to get it off your mind. I found out that talking to someone helps alot so just grab a friend and go for a hike and talk to your friends they will under stand. We all have gone thrugh this in high school. Stress will be with us for are whole life but we can mkake it better. Try not to think about every thing. Who cares what you are going to do after high school, tell you parents that this is not helping you. They should back off. Will I hope that this helps you.

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Hi There !


I'm going back to study this year - at 26. I've signed myself up for one of the hardest courses in my cities most well respected colleges. Believe me, it was a big choice to make.


When I did my final secondary school exams (at 17), there was nothing but pressure, pressure pressure from everyone. The same if you fail scare tactics to get me to study. As a result, I flipped out one evening at home, and refused to study any more. No matter what anyone said to me from that point on, I simply didn't react - in fact, I sort of laughted when anyone tryed to get me to do something via the old tactics. I passed my exams, and I knew I would - I just didn't excel in them like I could have done. But hey - here I am, and I've got a great oppertunity infront of me now.


Funny enough - nearly 10 years on, the same tactics have started to be employed by my parents - and I haven't even had my first day in college. The usual "it's going to be serious work", "this won't be easy" etc...The bottom line is that it servers absolute nothing but a negative purpose and they simply don't understand this, even though I have told them this many many times. I have banned negativity around me, and will be implementing punishments for them should they break the rules. This challenge is tough enough, and I'm working hard to be positive without them ruining all my hard work in that department.


You have exams to sit - and at the end of the day, it is your life that will be effected by the results of these exams. You need to want to do well in your studys - not your parents, and they must learn that. It's not so tough to make the cross over to the relaxed attitude, but once you do, you will be in a much better position to help yourself out. Studying while stressed simply doesn't work at all. What does work, is studying after exercise and walking etc. Exercise gives the body great energy and this is something I can't "stress" enough that you should look at. (no pun intended !). You also need to understand why you are doing the study in the first place. I'm sure you have ambitions in life, and want to do something that makes you happy - and you should be using these exam results that you will get to get you to where you want to go - that is ho I am dealing with taking 4.5 years out of working life to get me somewhere that I want to go. That is my incentive. You need your own incentive.


So...., .....That is your own attitude that you need to sort out.

Now you have to deal with the parents. Nothing short of sitting down and telling them all of this will help that situation, and as I said to you, even then, they might not understand you. Sit them down, and tell them the above - tell them how they are not helping at all, and how they could actually help you by encouraging you, and not frightening you. The frightening is simply making this harder, and unless that is what they want to do, then they need to change their angle on this all. If they don't listen to you, and the stress continues, you simply do not react to them, and their negativity. Should they be negative, you fire some lines at them about the above, and how they are infact contributing to your exam failure by setting you back half and hour to an hour each time they do this.


You will have to study, but you really need to do it on your terms, and that is my point. They need to help you. If you come accross as having thought this out, then they simply have not argument, as they are 100% in the wrong here, and you will need to point this out to them.....perhaps time and time again. Talk to them !!!


Hope this helps you some,

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