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I think I'm in love with my best friend! HELP!!!

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Well, me and these too dudes were best friends since 5th grade. Alex and tommy were te nicest and coolest people i've ever known. They were better than chics because chic are too choosy and these guys didnt care about a thing. Well Alex switched schools and he was always asking me if i liked him....but ofcourse i didn't think i would , he's my best friend ...never in a million years...right...wrong.....we talk online and stuff...but i'm realizing how much i miss him.....how much of a friend he was..and last time i talked to him he asked me again if i liked him ...and he said he had a weird dream aobut us ..but wouldn't go into detail.I haven't talked to him for a few months ....i miss him so much ....me and tommy are gonna send threatning letters to his new school to send him back..cuz tahts the kind of people we are..hehe......HHHHEEELLLPPP!!!


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he lives all the way accross town.....and so is the school .....my only means of communication are aim and by phone ...welll last time tommy called him it said te line was no longer in service...and he ahsnt been on in like three months ..!! I'm really confused .....and since he left theres no one to defend me except tommy when he gets the chance....i got one of the sucky lifes ... 0X

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