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All the girls are taken!

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I've been posting here a lot lately, trying to gain input from people as to what my problem might be in finding a worthwhile relationship. I'm getting quite distraught because I've been trying for eight months now to make contact with girls and maybe get into a serious relationship, and yet I haven't landed even one date!


The problem is that I've always ended up getting attracted to, flirting with, asking out, and getting rejected by, girls who are already in relationships! I've gone through a good ten to twelve rejections because of this, and I'm getting very disheartened and it's hard to keep my chin up sometimes.


The one thing I've got going for me is that I've never been flat-out rejected, based on who I am. It's all been circumstantial. But needless to say, it still sucks!


I really need to be reassured here. I try to keep my own head up, but I need other people's help too. First of all, is this experience normal? It's really painful, and while I have no choice but to continue to expose myself to the risk of rejection if I ever want to meet a girl who'll be with me, I can't help but wonder if I'm getting shafted here beyond all reason. Second, I'm really hoping that this will all turn around once I'm in college. I've heard that college is a goldmine filled with single women, but I can't help but wonder given the kind of setbacks I've run into so far - people say the same things about high school. What are your experiences with college - are there really a lot of single people there, so my chances might be better? I'm really anxious and I need some comfort here. Help a brotha out!

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Hey. Well, I understand where you're coming from. I, too, have to problem of liking girls that are, well in my case not interested, but the situation's the same. I started college this year, and I can attest to the fact that there are many, many girls out there, of so many different varieties. I've been there a month, and I've already met so many new people. You are bound to find someone in college, esspecially since many feel that college is the time to try meeting new people and stuff like that. Don't lose heart. It will work out for you.

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Have you thought maybe that you are trying to hard at this? Why don't you take more time to try to improve upon yourself and try to get the girls interested in you as opposed to you being interested in them.


Don't believe either that all of these relationships that these girls are supposedly in are actually serious or ground in stone because they usually arn't, but don't get your hopes up that they will immediately leave these other men for you either that actually rarely happens.


My diagnosis for you dillema would be that you are probably "hitting on all of the wrong women." What seems like rejection isn't really rejection it is something you are doing to yourself.


These girls never initially showed interest in you before you approached them.


Let me ask you this question. Have you ever taken the time to notice any signs of interest from a girl or do you even know what they are? Like for example maybe when you look at her she smiles at you at an odd time. Try looking at girls directly in the eyes when you talk with them or see them somewhere. It may seem weird at first looking at people directly in their eyes, but if you don't you will miss finding out if a girl is interested in you because she will often be staring you in the eyes and smiling and she faces you alot with her shoulders. These are all signs that a girl is starting to show interst in you.


I listed beginning signs above for girls that probly don't know you well, but these signs will often take place after she has known you for a while so watch for these. Click the link....


link removed


The reason why I am bringing this up is because you need to learn to approach girls that "Show signs of interest." If you do this then I guarantee that your success with dating women will go up 100%.


If in fact there have not been any girls that have given you these signs then there is probly something about you that is factoring into your unsuccessfulness. If that is the case "do not over analyze trying to find out what it is." You will wreck your self esteeme if you do this. You goal is to UP your self esteeme and not lose it. Just work to improve you happiness, learn to be charming, be a gentleman, have a sense of humour, work on improveing your dress, etc..


You can do it I have faith in you

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