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I know what you mean. I'm in the same situation. I've been broken up with my ex for almost 2 months now.We went out for almost 3 years. At first it was tough, I would cry and be depressed. Now I don't think of her as much and when I do it is all not that bad. Deep down I wanna be with her but it hurts that I'm getting over it I guess. It still hurts but not nearly as bad and want to be with her again but the reality is that we have to move on with or without them.

Ever seen the movie Swingers?? well there's a good quote from that movie. it goes something like this. "When you break up with your lover they know not to come crawling back until you are completely over them"

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Well speaking from recent experience with this, yes I think its normal. My ex boyfriend broke up with me about 4 months ago and I was devestated. I thought my world had ended, cause he didnt love me anymore and probably stopped loving me halfway through our 3 year relationship...but now I am starting to realize its time to move on. I deserve better. Yes it feels weird, knowing that I am "giving up" on us, but its more than giving up, its coming to terms with us ending. Its so hard, to be in the stage we are in. Its like dealing with a death. I thnk the stage is called (I believe) acceptance. You have come to terms with what has happened and you know its time to move on. Its ok to be scared. I am scared too, to move on without him, because the last 3 years was so wrapped up in him. So my advice to you is to not be worried about how you are feeling, its normal and its definently ok to be feeling it.


I hope this helps somewhat.


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hi confused, we are both going through the same thing at this point in time and i can understand ur pain and hurt.


those feelings do lessen over time i promise.


it is acceptance that we are going thru and once thru we can start reliving our lives. i just need some mates now cuz all mine moved away and im on my own here.


i thank god for the gym, it has been my salvation, out with the stress and anger, in with the feel goods and the slimming waist line


keep ur chin up and keep posting cuz we are all here

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I know what you mean about the hurting...it hurts so much to grieve the loss of what might have been.

I feel hurt too...I feel sad that I am letting go.

Sometimes I think, 'what if I could just be more patient'...but I have to be careful not to get caught up in that thinking, and just let it go!

The 'what ifs' are just awful...and hopefully you are able to avoid that kind of thinking.

No contact is helping me a lot...I need the time to feel all of these feelings so that I can heal from the experience.

I have moments where I feel confused and lost...because I gave so much time and attention and energy to my ex!

...sometimes I wish I would have gotten out sooner...the longer I stayed in the push/pull relationship, the more damage it caused to my emotional well-being.

I think that push/pull and off/on relationships are really unhealthy...and I know what to look out for now!

Good luck!

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Hi I totally understand what you are going through I just ended a long relationship as well and am going through the same emotions as you are its been about a month for me. I came to depend and rely on him and its scary to think you are now alone and without him believe me it scares me. Even if you know its the right thing it is still gonna hurt and I guess time will heal as corny as that sounds. At least I hope it does.

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