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Theres this girl i like and i never felt this way about someone like i think i love her but i dont know if she feel the same about me. i talk to her on the net alot and were pretty good friends any way how do i find out if she likes me or not without making it all weird and embaressing

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ok that's a bit jamy ha...


You like both gals, well honey you cant have both, but you need to see which one likes you so you can try your luck with that one.. umm ask one gal about the others interests in men wise? And see what they say about each other.

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If you known her for a short amount of time it's not love. Or highly not. More like infatuation. Not a good idea to think about telling her.


But if you known her for a long amount of time, why not tell her? I suggest you just relax, don't worry too much, otherwise it will prevent you from what you want to do. Near the end of your conversation, she could say she's gotta go but you say, "I love you." Leave it from there... Next time you speak she may bring it up, it's either negative or positive. If it's negative just laugh about it (express it) and say, "I mean friends." Positive then tell her how you feel.

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