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is it a good idea to ask her on a date


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ok....heres my story... A few weeks ago i started school (college)...after a few days a girl from my english class emailed me and asked me a question about class..so i gave her my phone number in case she ever needed help..well she called and i gave her the help.. however we started to talk alot..she would call me and we would talk sometimes an hour sometimes just a few minutes..i call her as well...Some conversations i tell her i'm probably going to call her later.. and she will reply "yea do that"..Every time we talk i always make her laugh and she has a beautiful smile...this past weekend she came to a party of mine with her roommates.. they repeatedly looked at her and kept telling her that i was really cool...and later that nite we talked on the phone and she told me that her friends really liked me and she was like yea i know he's cool...so here i am now....wondering if she is interested and whether or not i should ask her out on a short date one nite...she is usually busy like myself during the weekends so i'll prolly ask her out on a weeknite...is it a good idea to ask her on a date...and any pointers would be helpful!!! thanks!!!

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i think you should go fot it ask her to do somthing simple so its not a real serios date (just enouph to let her know your intrested) plus its very obcios when her friends are talking about you and like you (girls are very influenced and pushed by friends) and by talking about you shows that she told them about you (y would she do that IF she didnt like you)


anyway hope this helps e-mail me to let me know how it turns out ( email removed )

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I would say that she does like you and that you and she have a good chance to have a relationship together. Having all the friends like one another counts for a lot too. So if the two of you end up as a couple, you and she will have the approval of all your crowd.


I say, go for it!


It sounds like you two are in the dorms, so maybe a real meal at a restaurant would sound like a good first date. Or you could say something, like I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me some time, how about a movie?


The truth is if she really likes you it will be a good time, so don't worry too much about the how and where. Hopefully you'll have lots of dates in the future and you'll look back on the first one with pleasure.

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i have to agree with the Sister...go for it, you have nothing to lose. hey look at it this way, if she isn't interested in you, than why exactly does and did she tell you "call me back" umm hint* hint* yea good idea to take advantage of this, your window of opportunity is like really Big right now, so go in full force, make and land a date, something casual..lunch, not dinner, example, pizza and than ice cream...something like that. don't do the movie thing, no communication there in a quite theater.


You know just be yourself on the date, where ever you go, find things that make her laugh, ask her about herself, what types of things she likes to do in her spare time. outdoor activities....are those enough idea's? if not just ask for more.

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I'll throw in my two cents' and agree....yes, you should definitely ask her out! All the signs are there that she's interested-anything more obvious would require hitting you upside the head w/a baseball bat! Go for it, I'm betting she's just waiting till you get the hint and do it....

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